The factoring company that helps you to become more profitable by increasing your cash flow.

  • Factoring Companies Trucking

    • Funding Before and After Delivery
    • Fuel Advances
    • Up to 100% Advance
    • Funding in as few as 2 hrs.
    • 24/7 Load Approvals
    • Free Freight Broker Credit Reports
    • Huge diesel discounts with our fuel card
  • Factor Companies Staffing

    • Office/Clerical Temporary Factoring
    • IT Staffing Factoring
    • Light Industrial Staffing Factoring
    • Nurse and Medical Staffing Factoring
    • Temporary and Contract Staffing Specialists
  • Factoring Company Manufacturing

    • Highest Advance Rates
    • Pay Your Suppliers with Our Funds
    • Free Electronic Funds Transfers
    • Thousands of Clients Successfully Funded
    • $ Hundreds of Millions Funded Annually
  • Factor Company Service Business

    • Free Wire Transfer Program
    • Client Reference List
    • Low Fees
    • Never Worry About Payroll Again
    • View Invoice Images and Reports Online 24/7

Interstate Capital saves you time and money by speeding up your cash flow and increasing your profitability. Interstate Capital has successfully funded over 5,000 growing companies since 1993 and purchases over $500 million of invoices annually from companies located throughout North America. Watch this 2-minute video to learn more now!

Interstate Capital’s factoring programs include a long list of unique features including rates starting at just 0.49% per invoice, advance rates up to 100%, same-day funding, 24/7 automatic credit approvals, fuel advances (for motor carriers), professional collections, and much more.

Set-up is always fast and easy. There is no application fee and most companies will qualify for an instant online proposal in under 2 minutes just by completing the form on the left. If you like what you see in your proposal, just click on the application link in your proposal and you’re on your way to fast funding.

Factoring Articles

Factoring Companies: Accounts Receivable Specialists

Many business owners ask why banks are unwilling to lend to companies that have good-quality accounts receivable, but that lack other collateral, such as real estate, equipment and inventory. Historically, banks were not the places to go if you wanted to borrow against the value of accounts receivable, particularly if you had no additional collateral.

Factoring Federal Government Contracts - Factoring Companies Assist with Change of Name on Federal Government Contracts

As experts in federal government contracting, factoring companies can provide valuable experience in guiding your company through the maze of federal requirements involved in government contracting. Even a procedure as simple as changing your corporate name can become a bureaucratic nightmare if proper guidelines aren't followed. Here's a F.A.R. guideline that illustrates how the federal government can complicate even the simplest of taks.

SBA Loans vs Factoring Accounts Receivable

Factoring Companies Provide A Great Alternative to SBA Guaranteed Lines of Credit

Factoring rates at 0.49%