24x7 Factoring

Interstate Capital Factoring Specialists are ready to assist you around the clock…even during weekends, holidays and at night

We place the financing needs of our customers at the highest priority levels. Therefore, we have designed our business to work around the clock to help with all your cash flow needs. When you call our 24×7 factoring line  (800) 422-0766, we are able to help you at any time, during weekends, holidays, and even at night! We are truly your 24×7 factoring partner.

In the meantime, you may have some questions. Here is a quick overview of how our factoring specialists can help you with your financing needs:

1. How does factoring work?

Businesses of all sizes often find it difficult to cover payroll, taxes, vehicle payments, and other bills while waiting 30, 45, or 60 days or even longer for their customers to pay them. Interstate Capital pays clients up front, as soon as, for instance, a trucking company delivers a shipment or a staffing firm signs a services contract. In exchange for that early payment, factoring companies deduct a small percentage from the invoice they paid you.

2. What will my factoring rate be?

Factoring companies will base your invoice discount rates (the amount deducted from an invoice in exchange for immediate payment) on a variety of factors, including the average number and value of invoices you expect to submit each month. Interstate Capital works hard to keep our rates low and highly competitive across the entire factoring industry. To get a rate quote any time day or night, please fill in the blanks on the Instant Factoring Rate Quote on this page.

Invoice Factoring Simplified

Click Here for an Infographic about Invoice Factoring

3. What happens next?

One of Interstate Capital’s friendly and knowledgeable factoring specialists will reach out to you to learn more about your business and explain how to apply. You’ll find out if our services are the right fit for you and you’ll hear about fees, rates, and processes upfront: Interstate Capital is committed to ensuring you will encounter no hidden charges or unexpected added-on expenses. Allow about ten minutes for this conversation as your representative gets to know you and you get to know us. This factoring specialist will be an accessible point of contact and your dedicated consultant throughout the application process.

4. How fast can I get my first funding?

In some cases, we can conduct credit checks on your customers, review your financial status, collect references, and approve your application in as few as two business days. You could receive your first advance payments on your invoices right away! Interstate Capital is a respected Factoring Specialist leader in the factoring industry since 1993. We are here for you around the clock with cash flow solutions to ease your mind and grow your business!

So what are you waiting for?! Contact us today by phone or by filling out the a free factoring assessment today.

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