Cash Management

Small business owners everywhere agree –

Managing your cash flow is a major challenge!

Let’s look at five tips for successful cash management. You’ll see that partnering with a leading factoring company can help you each step of the way!

    1. Analyze your accounts receivable vs. accounts payable.

— how much and WHEN your customers will pay you
— how much and WHEN you need to pay your employees, suppliers, and other costs
Your Factoring Solution: Is there a gap between when you get paid and when your bills are due? Factoring closes that gap with upfront payment on completed jobs.

    1. Conduct credit checks on all your customers. Cut your risks with credit checks before you take on customers who delay payment or won’t pay you at all.

Your Factoring Solution: Protect against business losses with FREE credit review of all your customers.

    1. Send invoices fast and address collections issues. Delays in invoicing and following up on collections create a formula for failure.

Your Factoring Solution: Professional invoice processing and FREE collections services ensure you’ll get paid faster.

    1. Improve your credit score. If your credit history is negative, you won’t be able to borrow to expand your company or survive a major setback.

Your Factoring Solution: When you can pay your bills fast, your credit score improves and you can access new cash at the lowest rates.

    1. Balance your income and expenses. When you finally synchronize your cash flow and break even, you are positioned to grow your company and increase your profits.

Your Factoring Solution: Don’t wait weeks to get paid. Sell your invoices to a top factoring company and enjoy cash in hand and peace of mind.

Invoice factoring is the easy and affordable answer to stress-free cash flow management. Contact Interstate Capital to learn more.