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Every overstretched and overcommitted business owner could use more help with list-making, meeting preparation and time optimization. The following five mobile apps are more like virtual assistants, helping you become more discerning with your schedule, energy and attention, so you can be sure you’re working on the right things at the right time. Check them out:

1 – Accompany

A virtual “research analyst,” Accompany prepares you for important meetings by delivering facts, news and insights to you on the individuals and companies you have scheduled meetings with. The information is then compiled into a concise briefing and emailed to you before your meeting. Have a networking event coming up? A business conference? You can rely on Accompany to provide you with all the pertinent data you need to be fully informed, impress clients with your preparedness and land the business deal.

2 –

Are you the one who’s always writing out your to-do lists, but not actually making time for those tasks in your online calendar? That’s where can help. enables you to transfer to-do lists into your calendar so you can see your workload and actually make progress on it. It’s the perfect way to turn lists into organized action items.

3 – Peek Calendar

Sleek and super-minimal, Peek Calendar displays only the most important details about an upcoming event or alert. It’s perfect for the business owner that values simplicity and getting right to the point. Peek Calendar can sync up with other apps and software, such as iCloud and Google Calendar to help you plan, create and manage events.

4 – Trello

If you feel lost in the chaos of task management, Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards, lists and cards, allowing you to better prioritize work and gain clarity into project progress. At a glance, you can see the tasks being worked on, who’s working on what and project status. It makes project management, even at the most granular (task) level, easy and less stressful. The mobile app looks and feels just like the desktop version with its simple, intuitive interface.

5 – Timepage

Timepage combines events, maps, contacts, and weather into a digital subscription calendar service geared toward busy entrepreneurs and professionals. If you tend to overestimate how much time you actually have, Timepage has a special “heat map” calendar feature, which shows you how full your days are so you can manage your time, move activities around and delegate work, if necessary.

And Don’t Forget The Interstate Capital App

Interstate Capital Corporation (ICC) has created a mobile app that gives clients an easy-to-use tool for faster invoice factoring payments. From your smartphone, you can use our convenient mobile application to submit invoices and other paperwork needed for prompt payment. After submitting the documentation, your ICC account manager and our funding team will be able to access it and rush your money to you quickly. The ICC app gives our valued clients:

  • Faster funding: Scanning and uploading invoices and other documents on your mobile device save time – no more mailing, faxing and overnight deliveries.
  • Improved productivity: With less time spent on document processing, you can focus on your work rather than administrative paperwork.
  • More efficient organization: Your documents are organized by both document type and date and visible to you at any time.

The Interstate Capital app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Learn This Success Skill & Watch Your Productivity Soar
The ability to manage your time effectively and make measurable progress on your to-dos is one of the most powerful skills you can develop as a business owner. These apps can help. Know a business owner who could use some help getting things done? Forward this article to them.

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