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Factoring is one of the most flexible financing solutions and enables companies to enhance their cash flow and expand their business. We have successfully funded over 10,000 growing companies since 1993 and purchased nearly $1 billion of invoices annually from companies located throughout the United States. Interstate Capital saves you time and money by speeding up your cash flow and increasing your profitability.

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North America's Leading Factoring Company

Video of Invoice Factoring with Interstate Capital Interstate Capital is a factoring company that offers a variety of unique features to clients, including rates starting at just 0.49%, advance rates up to 100%, same-day funding, 24/7 automatic credit approvals, fuel advances (for motor carriers), professional collections, and much more.

Set-up is always fast and easy. There is no application fee and most companies will qualify for an instant factoring rate quote in under 2 minutes just by completing the Instant Factoring form on this page. If you like what you see in your factoring quote, just click on the application link in your quote and you’re on your way to fast funding.

Today, the Interstate Capital group of factoring companies employs more than 100 dedicated professionals, and has successfully funded over 10,000 a motor carriers, freight brokers, manufacturers, staffing services, oilfield service, and other service businesses for nearly 25 years. Learn more about our factoring company now.

Factoring Company of Choice

Since 1993, Interstate Capital has served as the factoring company of choice for business owners seeking working capital for today and the future. With one of the country's most respected factoring companies at your side, you can receive payment upfront on your invoices – no need to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days for your customers to pay.

Even if you’ve been turned down for a loan or line of credit before, you can still factor with a top factoring company like Interstate Capital, where the focus is on your customers’ credit history, not yours.

Use those funds to cover your bills, pay your staff, take advantage of early payment and quantity discounts, and keep up with your operating expenses. With your infusion of cash, you can build for the future with additional workers, new equipment, more space, new product lines, or whatever you need to expand the company and increase your profits. When you're exploring factoring companies, remember that Interstate Capital is ready to turn your accounts receivable into cash in your pocket now.

What sets Interstate Capital apart from other factoring companies? As one of the best and largest independent invoice factoring company in the industry, Interstate Capital has the resources and the expertise to help you maintain a health cash flow and take steps toward increasing your profits. Here’s what you get when you partner with Interstate Capital to grow your business:

  • Fast funding – get your cash upfront in as few as two hours
  • Low factoring rates and high advances
  • Expedited approval process – as fast as 24 hours
  • Professional collections services save you time and money
  • In-house credit checks and support protect you from business loss
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff

    Invoice Factoring Companies vs. Traditional and Online Lenders

      Invoice Factoring Companies do the following:
    • Provide fast working capital without incurring debt!
    • Approve your application typically within a day or two
    • Require minimal paperwork and few forms to fill out
    • Accept your application regardless of your credit scores
    • Offer free services: credit checks, collections, financial reports
    • Do not require you to put up collateral or personal guarantees
    • Provide flexible cash flow solutions customized for your business
    • Provide working capital at affordable low rates
    • Factoring companies are funding partners dedicated to helping your company succeed
      Using Traditional Banks and Online Lenders
    • Banks can leave you waiting for weeks for approval
    • They require extensive paperwork and complex forms to complete
    • Can reject applicants with low credit score or no credit history
    • Can require extensive collateral and your personal guarantee
    • Online lenders can charge up to 350% interest rates
    • Online lenders are not invested in your success and growth
    • Banks and online lenders add debt to your balance sheet and more payment deadlines
    • Banks and online lenders provide no value -added additional business services
    • Banks and online lenders commit you to rigid loan contracts

    Interstate Capital vs. Other Factoring Companies

    Interstate Capital clients continually report greater levels of satisfaction with the services and the staff at Interstate Capital as compared to their experiences with other factoring companies. What makes Interstate Capital stand out in the factoring industry? Here are five differences that set Interstate Capital above other factoring companies – and that create a superior factoring experience for clients.
    • 1 Faster funding As a well-funded, independent factoring company, Interstate Capital makes application and funding decisions quickly and efficiently with no outside interference. Streamlined verification processes and state-of-the-art proprietary programs speed payment on invoices to clients for same-day funding and usually within two hours of invoice submission. Very few factoring companies can deliver funding this fast.
    • 2 Experience Founded in 1993, Interstate Capital is one of the industry’s most established factoring companies. It has stood the test of time and continues to follow the high ethical standards and fair business practices set by its parent financial services company more than 70 years ago. Unlike the crowd of less experienced factoring companies, Interstate Capital has thrived through different economic cycles and business environments.
    • 3 Size Size does count when you are looking for a one-stop-shop with professionals in every area of factoring services: account management, credit, collections, accounts receivable, invoice processing, and other departments. A company with a large staff indicates stability, experience, and a track record of growth. With more than 100 factoring specialists, Interstate Capital is one of the industry’s largest factoring companies and home to top talent and resources not found in the typical factoring company.  With its depth of financial expertise and experienced factoring professionals, Interstate Capital can go further to support its clients’ business goals.
    • 4 Specialization Because Interstate Capital is one of the industry’s largest factoring companies, its staff includes many professionals who specialize in your industry. Unlike small companies that employ only generalists who create one-size-fits-all factoring programs, Interstate Capital has knowledgeable specialists who can deliver customized cash flow solutions that address your company’s unique factoring needs and business model. With its diversification, Interstate Capital brings the best practices of different industries when customizing the right factoring program for you. Many factoring companies handle only one industry or employ only generalists without Interstate Capital’s depth of expertise.
    • 5 Services After working with thousands of clients across many industries over nearly 25 years, Interstate Capital has developed a diverse menu of client services and benefits unmatched by other factoring companies. These services include 24/7 funding, advances up to 100%, Interstate Mobile App for scanning and uploading funding documents, professional credit checks and consultation, outstanding collections services, one-on-one training on 24/7 client portal, free ACH deposits, one free wire transfer a week, discount cards and discount programs for select clients, and much more.
    Start your successful cash flow journey with Interstate Capital today by getting an instant factoring rate quote.