Close Cash Flow Gaps With Factoring

Need a quick business cash advance? Many businesses seeking business cash advance loans overlook one of the simplest and fastest options out there: invoice factoring.

As an increasingly popular business cash advance method for many companies, factoring significantly reduces the payment time for account receivables by purchasing your customer invoices, thereby liberating your business’ cash flow and funding company growth.

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Business cash advance factoring is very common in industries where long receivable times are part of the business cycle, such as automotive supply, trucking, freight brokers, staffing, manufacturing, technology, printing, oilfield, security, furniture, apparel and other service-based businesses.

You could be a candidate for business cash advance factoring if your company regularly generates commercial invoices. Business cash advance lenders that offer business cash advance loans of this type are called factoring companies.

How Does Business Cash Advance Factoring Work?

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In a typical business cash advance factoring scenario, you make a sale, deliver the product or service to your customer and generate an invoice. The business cash advance factoring company then buys that invoice, paying up to 80 percent of the invoice’s face value immediately and forwarding the remainder to you (minus a small discount) when your customer pays the invoice.

Applying for a factoring business cash advance is free, quick and easy. You will typically receive a decision within one to two days.

Receiving prompt payment on a customer account involves little more than logging into the factoring company’s online portal and selecting the invoice you want the factoring platform to pay. Once you select an invoice to clear, the money is deposited directly into your bank account.

Factoring: The Solution for Business Cash Advance with Bad Credit

Since the factoring company extends credit to your clients’ customers, it is more concerned about your customers’ ability to pay than your business’ financial status or stability. That means, even if you have poor credit and can’t qualify for a loan, you may still be eligible for a factoring business cash advance with bad credit.

Factoring: The Business Cash Advance Solution with No Credit Check

If you’re looking for business cash advance loans with no credit check, then small business cash advance factoring is the way to go. As part of the simple application and approval process, you do not need to provide a list of assets or have an exceptional credit record. Another benefit of this type of business cash advance loans is that it does not create a liability on your business’ balance sheet or constrain assets.

Other Benefits of Business Cash Advance Factoring

With business cash advance factoring, there are no funding limits. In traditional business cash advance loans, banks establish limits as to how much you can borrow. With business cash advance factoring, your line of credit will grow as you accept new clients and complete more projects.

Small business cash advance companies that offer factoring also provide services that banks do not. They typically take over a significant portion of the collections and accounting work for their clients, perform credit checks, and generate financial reports to give you a picture of your business’ fiscal health.

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For a quick, dependable cash advance for small business or a business cash advance with bad credit, no credit check and no funding limits, invoice factoring might be the next best step for your business. To get started, shop around for business cash advance lenders who deal with small business cash advance solutions, can customize a business cash advance package for you and has the financial resources you need to grow. Also, seek out a business cash advance factoring company that has experience in your specific industry and interacting with your industry’s customers.

Inquire About Business Cash Advance Factoring Today With No Risk, No Obligation and No Credit Check Required

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