How factoring would work for a small fleet ownerWhether you are operating a small group of trucks or you just purchased your first truck you’re busy managing your business and looking forward to growing. You’re focusing on ensuring that your customers are satisfied, your trucks are running, and your trailers are loaded. You might be struggling with making sure you’ve got a positive cash flow in between payments.
Freight bill factoring is ideal for small fleet owners because it gives you more leeway to deal with expenses such as fuel, truck payments, salaries, vehicle maintenance and other overhead costs as well as fixed expenses during the periods that you’re waiting for brokers or shippers to pay their invoices. This gives you more time to focus on handling the day-to-day issues, finding profitable loads and building your fleet.

At Interstate Capital, we help small fleet owners by making sure that waiting on payments doesn’t hold them back. Small fleet owners generally don’t have a large cash reserve, which can mean that you won’t be able to take on more loads until your customers have paid you for loads that you have delivered. When you partner with us, you will receive payment at delivery so that you don’t have to wait weeks or even months to collect on your freight bills.

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Factoring Small Trucking Fleets