Cash Flow Factoring

Cash Flow Factoring helps your business maintain a steady and predictable revenue stream without waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for your customers or clients to pay you. Cash flow factoring allows businesses to “sell” their invoices to a factoring company and receive immediate payment for those invoices, minus a small factoring fee.

A factoring company will advance you the working capital you need to keep your business operating and growing. With factoring companies like Interstate Capital, you lose the stress of waiting for customers to pay and you gain the freedom to plan for growth and expansion while your regular expenses get paid.

The cash flow factoring application process is easy. You don’t need to worry about your credit history or lack of collateral. The factoring company looks at the creditworthiness of your customers or clients. Since you are not borrowing money or incurring debt, the factoring company does not evaluate your application based on your assets. Interstate Capital can approve most clients within a couple days after their paperwork is received – and you pay no application fees. You can count on your first funding right away.

Cash Flow Factoring with Interstate Capital

  •         Low factoring rates
  •         Advances up to 100%
  •         Free ACH money transfers
  •         Free wire transfer program
  •         Dedicated Account Manager
  •         No application fees

Benefits for You

  •         Speed up your cash flow
  •         Work with experienced professionals who know your industry
  •         Save time with our full-service collections department
  •         Enjoy 24-7 online access for instant funding
  •         Get paid fast with same-day payment postings
  •         Unlimited automated credit checks

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Cash Flow Factoring Success Story


Cash Flow

Businesses often share their success stories with our team. They tell their cash flow specialists how financing their invoices helped them maintain a healthy cash flow and grow their business. Here’s this month’s success story from one of our clients:*

Clark with Prevention Solutions

CHALLENGE:  The founder of Prevention Solutions, a small 14-year-old family-owned firm that sells and services fire extinguishers, decided to hand down his company to his son, Clark. The father had been satisfied with staying small, but Clark, an energetic young man, had plans to grow the business. He saw lots of opportunities his father overlooked or had not pursued.

When everything was on an even keel, cash flow was not much of a problem for Prevention Solutions. They collected their accounts receivable in about 60 days. However, when the son took over the business, he began marketing their services more aggressively. Before Clark knew it, he had customers lined up, but no ability to obtain fire extinguishers from his supplier because he was constantly waiting to collect his receivables.

When he would get a new customer, he would have to keep contacting the customer to inform him that the fire extinguishers were on back order. In reality, it was his cash that was on back order!

SUCCESS:  Clark was familiar with account receivable financing (AR Financing). He figured this financing approach would allow him to buy more fire extinguishers for resale and increase both his revenues and gross profit. He began contacting invoice financing companies and found Interstate Capital during an Internet search.

In just a few short days, Interstate Capital’s the cash flow specialists were able to send him an advance on those 60-day invoices. He was able to use that infusion of cash to quickly go back to his suppliers, increase his inventory and deliver on his orders. His decision to work with Interstate Capital gave him the cash flow he needed to expand his customer base – and keep his new customers happy!

*Names of people and companies have been changed.

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