Factoring services

Running your own company and keeping up with the all the moving pieces can be more challenging than anything else you have ever done. Competing financial demands can quickly become overwhelming. Many business owners are continually trying to juggle daily operations while simultaneously figuring out exactly when their customers will send in their checks so that their own bills and payroll will be covered.

It all comes down to cash flow. Business owners deliver a product or a service on time, but they don’t receive the cash for their work until weeks or months later. Factoring is a tried-and-true source of ready working capital that bridges that gap between completing a job and getting paid for it. Factoring lets you stop juggling priorities and start focusing on what you do best: running your company.

As long as you are selling goods or services to other businesses rather than consumers and those businesses are creditworthy, you could be eligible for invoice factoring.

The process is simple:

1 – The factoring company purchases your accounts receivable and advances you a large percentage of their value right away.

2 – The factoring company waits for your customers to pay instead of you having to wonder when you’ll get paid. No waiting 30, 45, or even 60 days to get paid!

Running your company with the right funding partner

When you partner with a top-tier factoring company, you have the working capital to run your company without the worry of coming up short when it’s payday time and bills are due. Factoring speeds up your cash flow without incurring debt or additional stress. Factoring is not a loan, but rather an advance for work you have completed.

If you choose to factor your invoices with Interstate Capital, North America’s top factoring company, you’ll be in good company. Thousands of company owners just like you have enjoyed Interstate’s benefits, starting with same-day funding after you submit your invoices and paperwork, professional collections service, high advances, low factoring fees, and more. Plus, regardless of your past experience or credit history, you can get approved for factoring fast at Interstate Capital – an important consideration when you have payment deadlines looming.

With instant payment, your biggest challenges can become manageable. With this cash infusion, you can even begin to plan for the future with ideas for expanding your product line, adding more equipment, hiring new staff, improving your sales and marketing efforts – whatever you need to grow the business and increase your profitability.  your infusion of cash. e on the road to get paid instantly upon delivery

Interstate’s friendly factoring experts look forward to working with you, wherever you are on your business journey. Since 1993, Interstate has helped more than 10,000 companies, both startups and long-established businesses, improve their cash flow and increase their profitability through invoice factoring.

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