Check Freight Broker, LLC announces 100% Growth (“FFS”), has been shaking up the load board scene since 2011, and this year its membership has skyrocketed. FFS managers report that the number of motor carriers registered on has more than doubled since May 2014. 

Internet-based load boards have been around for a dozen years and for the most part, the industry front-runners all share an identical business model: collect monthly fees — up to over $1,000 per year for some load boards — from thousands of motor carriers in exchange for unlimited site access. Once on the site, motor carriers search for available freight among loads posted by freight brokers and shippers. Some sites require their users to pay hundreds of dollars per year more to access “premium” features.

The developers of the take issue with the old freight matching industry. Its 100% annual growth rate is evidence that the FFS business model — completely FREE freight matching with no subscription fees — is working. 

However, free enrollment is just part of the FFS appeal. FFS is the only site where carriers can find freight, obtain a fuel advance, and receive 100% payment on delivery—all without ever leaving the site. Not all FFS members use the site to obtain fuel advances and quick pay, but for those who do, the process couldn’t be easier. You’ll enjoy a new level of convenience: no minimums, no invoicing, no accounts receivable to collect, no overnight delivery services, and no postage.

How does it work? Imagine you’re a fleet owner who’s tight on cash.

  1. You use FFS to refine your search to loads identified with a big red check mark—the ones the FFS credit department has determined are eligible for fuel advance and quick pay direct from the site.
  2. You find a load that matches your search criteria, obtain a load confirmation from the broker, fax it to FFS, and load your trailer.
  3. Then you click the FUEL ADVANCE NOW button to obtain 50% of your money when you’re loaded.
  4. When the load is delivered, click on the QUICK PAY NOW button to receive the rest of your money.

Register now at to see how the world’s largest FREE load board can help you in your business.


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