Did you know?

Did you know you have an expert collections department working for you behind the scenes at Interstate Capital?

Interstate Capital’s Collections Team represents more than 95 years of cumulative experience in the factoring industry, making this busy department one of the company’s most experienced working groups. Managed by Louis, Interstate Capital vice president, and Patsie, department manager, the team includes Christopher, Darlene, Maggie, Nancy, Rebecca, Rosa, Veronica, Yolanda, and Yvette. They all bring professionalism and expertise to every interaction with our clients’ customers. Some of these veterans have held a variety of positions at Interstate Capital, but they say they like the challenges and rewards of collections work the best.

collections department

This group works for you by following up and seeking payment from your customers for all your invoices. With their strong communication skills and high levels of initiative, the Collections Department helps clients in several ways:

  • Reduce the number of days that sales are outstanding
  • Keep debtor payment defaults to a minimum
  • Build strong financial relationships with your customers

These collectors act quickly and correctly and they are experts at maintaining rapport with your debtors. They are an important part of the coordinated client services work at Interstate Capital and keep in constant communication with your Interstate Capital Account Manager on any collections issues affecting your customers. These folks are crucial players in making sure your invoices are paid in a timely manner!

For more information about our collections and many other departments, speak with your Account Manager.