Did you know?

Did you know you’ve partnered with a veteran team of factoring experts at Interstate Capital?

This is the first email of a series to cover topics you may not know about Interstate Capital! This initial message introduces our clients to our experienced management team. Be on the lookout for many more to come. 

As an Interstate Capital client, you primarily interact with your dedicated Account Manager, but you may not know some of the others around the office. Many of them are ICC veterans who have been with the company for years, through all kinds of economic climates. Our Management Team brings a wealth of experience to the company’s work every day.

Here’s a look at Interstate Capital Management, with their years of service:

  • Cliff Eisenberg, CEO and co-founder – 23 years
  • Tony Furman, President and co-founder – 23 years
  • Louis Cohen, Vice President – 22 years
  • Ernest Eisenberg, Vice President – 4 years
  • Pamela Vaughan, Director of Operations – 13 years
  • Sarah Williams, Director of Sales and Marketing – 10 years
  • Husam Jandal, Chief Marketing Officer – 2 years
  • Joe Armenta, Manager of Funding Department – 16 years
  • Fidencio Duran, Manager of Accounts Receivable Department – 16 years
  • Jessica Duran, Manager of Small Trucking Department – 16 years
  • Josh Cohen, Manager of Underwriting Department – 12 years
  • Marcela Pepi-Rosales, Manager of Credit Department – 8 years
  • Rocio Olivares, Manager of Invoice Review Department – 10 years
  • Patricia Navarrete, Manager of Collections Department – 9 years
  • Ashley Vogan, Manager of Outbound Sales Department – 5 years
  • Sergio Lopez, Manager of Support Team – 8 years
  • Krista Anderson, Manager of Freight Payable Systems Department – 3 years

Year in, year out, this is a management team that remains dedicated to providing you with professional and efficient customer service throughout your funding needs. Our goal is to see your company succeed and grow and nothing is more rewarding to us all than helping to make that happen.

ICC Team

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