Did you know?

With your Interstate Capital free Fuel Discount Card and Tire Discount Program, clients can save money on two of their ongoing operating expenses.

Fuel Discount Card

Fuel Tire DiscountsYou’ll save up to 10 cents a gallon at Pilot Travel Centers, Flying J Travel Plazas, Love’s Truckstops, TA-Petro Stopping Centers, and other selected truck stops with your Interstate Capital EFS (electronic funds source) fuel card. When you’re buying a few hundred gallons a month on the road, this discount can really add up!

Another benefit of your Interstate Capital card is the convenience of receiving cash advances when you load and full payment on delivery sent directly to your fuel card account.  You can request this method of funding from your Account Manager. Qualifying clients can also have fuel advances credited to their fuel card 24/7 on the ClientWeb portal.

Other discounts and savings with your Interstate Capital Fuel Discount Card:  

  • Save up to $1000 on new International trucks and $500 on used International trucks
  • Save up to $15 per tire on Goodyear and Yokohama commercial truck tires
  • Discounts on maintenance costs such as oil changes
  • Reduced prices on wireless service mobile phone plans
  • Savings on scanning, payroll services, and office costs
  • Discounts on motels and hotels


Tire Discount Program

  • Save up to $40 per tire on an unlimited number of truck tires
  • Choose from most major brands
  • Gain access to emergency roadside services
  • Help stay safe with new tires in good condition
  • Enjoy national discounts at vendors throughout North America

For more information about how you can receive your new ELD, speak with your Account Manager.

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