Did you know?

Did you know your cash advances from Interstate Capital are processed by an award-winning Funding Department?

Interstate Capital’s Funding Team is the group that writes the checks, sends the wire transfers and ACH payments, and deposits the money into bank accounts. Interstate Capital’s funding department, which sends out more than 30,000 wire transfers a year, is managed by Pamela, the senior operations manager with 13 years at Interstate Capital, and Joe, a 16-year Interstate Capital veteran. The other team members are Irma, with 13 years of experience; Laura, 11 years; Adriana, 5 years; and Susana, 4 years. This small but highly efficient group works wonders and “moves mountains” to get your money to you quickly and accurately.


In April 2016, J.P. Morgan Chase, Interstate Capital’s long-time banking partner, honored the department with the “2015 Elite Quality Recognition Award for Outstanding Achievement of Best-in-Class: 100% Rating.” The award recognized the Funding Team for their “near perfect transmission of wire transfers” last year. According to the four executives from the bank’s local and regional offices who visited Interstate Capital to present the award, this is a standard of accuracy “met by fewer than 1% of J.P. Morgan Chase clients nationwide.”

Your need for immediate cash is the Funding Team’s top priority. They work closely with your dedicated Account Manager each day to be sure that your requests are submitted before the day’s deadlines have expired and that they are processed according to your specific instructions through checks, direct deposit, wire transfers, or deposits to fuel cards.  Working accurately within tight deadlines is one more way that Interstate Capital ensures that you receive the best factoring service possible.

The Funding Team, in collaboration with your Account Manager, wants you to get the cash you need, when you need it!