Did you know?

Did you know you can receive funding on copies of your paperwork at Interstate Capital?

Invoice FactoringSome factoring companies require you to submit ORIGINAL documents before approving your invoices: they want you to mail or overnight your signed bills of lading or signed receipts showing that work was completed or goods were delivered. At Interstate Capital, we process your funding requests quickly and efficiently without requiring you to submit originals. You can fax or email images of these documents right away, which means you get your cash right away.

Different clients are on different programs at Interstate Capital, but here’s one example of how this works:

1 – When you send us your load confirmation, our technology images it and converts it into a freight bill (invoice from you to your customer).

2 – We store both documents on-line for your convenience and future reference.

3 – When your driver delivers the load and sends us a copy of the bill of lading, our processing center images it and matches it to your load confirmation and freight bill already in our system.

4 – We prepare your funding as soon as the image appears on our side.

Invoice FactoringBecause everything is automated and easy, we are able to advance you fuel money when the load is picked up AND 100% advance upon delivery, all without the need for an original invoice or bill of lading.

One important note: Some of your customers may require an original proof of delivery to pay your invoice. In those cases, originals will need to be submitted to Interstate Capital as soon as possible by mail or overnight delivery.

For more information about funding off copies, speak with your Account Manager.