Did you Know?

Did you know you can offer your motor carriers different payment options?

Freight brokers who factor their freight bills through Interstate Capital can offer their drivers a choice of payment methods:

✓  Direct deposit (ACH) into their bank account
✓  Mailed paper checks
✓  Fuel advances on their fuel cards
✓  Comcheks cashed at truck stops and selected cash offices
✓  Wire transfers to their bank account

Freight BrokerThis flexibility, made possible by Interstate Capital’s exclusive Freight Payables System, gives our broker clients an advantage when they’re competing for good drivers for their loads.

With today’s growing shortage of drivers, freight brokers who offer benefits, such as fuel advances, quick pay, and payment options, can better ensure that their loads are covered. Drivers appreciate the opportunity to let their freight brokers know their preference for payment method, depending on how quickly they would like to receive payment from Interstate Capital.