Did you Know?

Did you know you have special status as a Platinum Broker?

As an Interstate Capital client, you are automatically designated a Platinum Broker, a special status that tells motor carriers that they are guaranteed payment for the loads they carry for you. The Platinum Broker logo means that owner-operators and fleet owners can rely on your ability to provide fuel advances and quick pay.

This Platinum Broker designation benefits you in two ways:Platinum Broker

  • It can be used on your own website and promotional materials, giving you an opportunity to set yourself apart as a broker that can guarantee quick pay. With Interstate Capital’s exclusive Freight Payable System, quick pay is a fast and easy payment process.
  • It can bring you important exposure on world’s largest free load board, FreeFreightSearch.com. When you post your loads, they will be highlighted with the Platinum Broker logo and will always be listed at the top of all available loads for that particular route when motor carriers search for loads. Motor carriers can quickly pick out which loads are eligible for fuel advances and quick pay.



Free Resource for You: FreeFreightSearch.com

With more than 60,000 motor carriers registered and close to 100 million loads posted since its inception, FreeFreightSearch.com, which was founded by Interstate Capital, is a valuable freight-matching resource for brokers. Reach a universe of independent owner-operators and other motor carriers often missing from paid subscription load boards – and get your loads covered fast.

The FreeFreightSearch.com site includes a “Credit Reports” tab with Interstate Capital’s records of payment histories for more than 10,000 freight brokers over many years, a useful resource for motor carriers researching the brokers listing their loads. Interstate Capital clients automatically are designated with the Platinum Broker seal of approval, indicating that their loads are covered by the FreeFreightSearch.com Platinum Broker Guarantee.

Haven’t registered on FreeFreightSearch.com? Visit www.freefreightsearch.com and register as a Freight Broker. It just takes a moment and you can start posting loads, either one at a time or a whole spreadsheet of loads at once.

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