Factoring Team

Left to right: Ruby, Stuart, Elizabeth, and Ana

Your Account Managers at Interstate Capital bring years of solid business experience to their work on your accounts – experience that helps them better understand the challenges and rewards of owning a business in today’s competitive marketplace. Everyone on the team majored in different areas of business administration at college and all have enjoyed interesting careers in the business world.

Your knowledgeable team of Account Managers works closely with Pamela, our senior operations manager who has been with the company for 13 years. Prior to joining ICC, Pamela worked in Texas and New York as a CPA, with jobs in the small business tax division and in corporate accounting for a major utility company and later as the comptroller for a small business. Pamela wears many hats at Interstate Capital, including overseeing the Accounts Receivable Department, the Funding Department, and the company’s Customer Care Program designed to ensure the best customer service possible for our clients.

Meet the Team

Stuart: A former bank vice president and commercial loan officer working with domestic and international accounts, Stuart worked in the banking industry for more than 15 years. He saw great changes in lending practices during his tenure at large regional banks in the 1980s and ’90s. After this stint in banking, Stuart ran his own factoring company for ten years until the company was acquired by Interstate Capital in 2009 and he came on board to work as an Account Manager.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth brings more than 15 years in accounting work to her work at Interstate Capital, where she has been an Account Manager for four years. In addition to her work in accounts payable departments at a variety of businesses, from high-tech and logistics companies to facilities management, Elizabeth has experience in human resources and finance.

Ana: Another four-year veteran at Interstate Capital, Ana is the youngest member of the team. She came to the company after three years in a large national bank, where she excelled at client services and record-keeping.

Ruby: With extensive experience working for both law firms and banks, Ruby brings a wealth of financial knowledge to her role as Account Manager. Her 15 years of legal support covered a wide range of work from real estate to probate. During her five years with a major regional bank, she worked in loan operations, warehouse lending, and other areas.

Every client at Interstate Capital has a dedicated Account Manager, your first point-of-contact for your fundings, questions, and other support. However, if your Account Manager is out of the office, your account is in good hands with one of Interstate Capital’s top Account Manager teams!

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