Did you know?

Did you know you can easily see the status of your fundings in your ClientWeb account?

The “ClientWeb” site is an essential part of your relationship with Interstate Capital. With your 24/7 access to the site, you can track your revenues in “real time” around the clock and see which invoices have been purchased and which are pending. You can use the ClientWeb daily for requesting credit, entering invoices and running reports any time of the day, seven days a week.


Reports Tab

Purchases and Advances Report: You can customize this report by date to show all purchases and all advances given during a specific time frame. When the Batch ID Number is clicked, the report then provides a more specific breakdown of the invoice(s) that were purchased. This report is similar to the Purchase Summary Report under the Factorsoft Reports tab with a different layout and more viewing options.

Credit Request Status: Use this to check the status of a credit request. This report is customizable to show only pending, denied, or approved requests.

Debtor List: This report shows all the debtors that you have billed. You can run a few variations of this report, including one that should be processed periodically called the No Buy Only report. This list will show all debtors that have previously been approved for credit, but are now listed as “no-buy” or non-factorable.

Invoice Aging Report: This report is similar to the Aging Report you saw under the Factorsoft Reports tab, but with a different format. This report also shows all debtors that have been billed and all the debtors that still have an open balance.

Reserve Account Report: You can also customize this report by date to see all credits and debits that have posted to your account during a specific time frame. This reports reflects all transaction activity that has occurred, similar to the Reserve Report under Factorsoft Reports.

For more information about how you can view your fundings on your ClientWeb, speak with your Account Manager today.