Factoring companies

Businesspeople know that loans and advances come with “pricetags.” Interest rates and fees are costs associated with accessing working capital.  However, did you know that with all the benefits and services that come with invoice factoring at a top trucking factoring company, factoring is the one cash flow solution that can end up costing you little to nothing?

Let’s look at how this works.

Factoring your invoices speeds up cash flow without incurring debt. Trucking factoring companies buy your invoices for a small fee and you benefit from receiving payment up front without waiting weeks and months to collect from your customers.

Whether you look for a loan from an online lending site or take quick pay from a freight broker, you receive no services for the interest rates and fees you pay to access the working capital you need. However, when you partner with a leading factoring company, you will receive services and benefits that save you money. Your factoring fees will be offset by what you’ll save!

At Interstate Capital, a leading invoice factoring company, our factoring clients save time and money with free services that include…

  • Free fuel discount card saving you up to 9 cents per gallon at the pump
  • Free tire discount and ELD discount programs
  • In-house credit department to protect you against business loss
  • Courteous collections professionals to ensure you’re paid on time
  • Complimentary invoice preparation and mailing
  • Online account access that lets you track all invoices and payments 24/7

With Interstate Capital’s free value-added services, your factoring fees become a minimal business expense that brings a maximum value. When you receive payment within just a couple of hours of delivery, you will be able to seek better-paying loads from customers with longer payment terms, have the funds you need to cover all your truck expenses and avoid costly late fees and overdraft charges.

When you’re ready to partner with the trucking experts at Interstate Capital to boost your cash flow for little to nothing, contact us.

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