Factoring services for the trucking industryStarting a trucking company is both exciting and challenging

As the owner of a new startup, you are probably considering the many financing options available to you.
In a perfect world, clients would always pay the day after you send them an invoice. You would always have a steady stream of loads scheduled with never an empty truck. You would have enough revenue to cover your overhead expenses, buy fuel, and pay wages each month, plus extra to build a reserve for expansion. However, in the real world, clients often wait a month or two or longer before paying for delivered loads and your equipment might be idle more than you’d like.

Factoring services offer a number of benefits for trucking startup companies. Besides closing the gap between loads delivered and payments received, some factoring companies that specialize in the trucking industry can offer additional advantages including:

  • Peace of mind that comes with a steady cash flow
  • Advances on your invoices so you can pay for truck maintenance, trucking insurance, taxes, payroll and other expenses
  • A fuel discount card and tire discounts when you partner with Interstate Capital for factoring services
  • After-hours fuel advances


If you want to spend more time keeping your trucks on the road and less time waiting for your invoices to be paid, then partner with Interstate Capital. Formed in 1993 in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, we have been servicing a wide variety of industries throughout Northern America for many years.

When you partner with us, the factoring process is a simple four step process:

  1. Approve your load by phone or online
  2. Send us your load confirmation
  3. Request a fuel advance if you need one
  4. Get paid within two hours of delivery

We offer trucking companies money transfers at no cost to you, low factoring rates, an account manager as your single point of contact, as well as 24/7 online access.

Contact us for a factoring rate quote today.