Factoring for manufacturers companies

Funding your business in this day and age can be a complex process for manufacturers in North America. The cost of labor is rising in many parts of the world, most notably in India and China, which is forcing manufacturers to re-evaluate their pricing strategies and billing processes. 

Factoring services from Interstate Capital give manufacturers the ability to pay bills, invest in their business and negotiate discounts with suppliers. When you partner with us for factoring services, you will be able to improve your cash flow, thanks to your fast access to cash. We will advance you a portion of your invoice and pay the rest once your customer pays (minus a small factoring fee) so that you can continue to do business as if your clients have paid immediately.

At Interstate Capital, we value our manufacturing clients. We know you represent one of the most critical foundations of our country’s economy and we have in-depth knowledge of the challenges that you face on a monthly basis. Our manufacturing clients include businesses from all types of industries such as producers of food products, furniture, home goods, clothing, fabrics, and automotive parts. Regardless of the industry you are in, you will be able to benefit from our factoring services.

Your manufacturing business can be small or large. Regardless of the size, it’s quite possible that you are waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for your clients to pay you. This can put pressure on your business when you have to promptly pay everyone from suppliers and workers to transportation companies and insurance providers. With factoring, you can make sure that your business is liquid all year round.

At Interstate Capital, we will be evaluating the credit worthiness of your clients, not your business’s credit history. Our low factoring rates, coupled with fast payment solutions, will give you the ability to get access to your money within a short period of time. Contact us for a factoring rate quote today.