Your Complete Business Guide to Invoice Factoring

Factoring is one of the most progressive financing solutions that enables companies to enhance their cash flow and expand their business. However it has many variables that you need to be aware of.

That’s why we have collated a complete list of the most important questions to ask to help you find the right factoring arrangement. In this complete factoring guide, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is factoring?
  • How does factoring work?
  • What does a do?
  • The benefits of invoice factoring
  • Who uses factoring?
  • Factoring myth busters
  • Bank Loan vs. Factoring
  • How are calculated?
  • What is a factoring agreement?
  • Estimating the cost of factoring
  • 4 signs your business needs factoring
  • Choosing the right factoring company
  • Six questions to ask before financing your invoices
  • Why factoring has become so popular with small to medium-sized companies
  • A real factoring success story
  • Infographic: How Factoring Works

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