Freight broker factoring services

One of the advantages of is that it can help with fuel advances. Freight brokers face special challenges as they juggle their revenues and expenses. It’s not uncommon for freight brokers to wait over 60 days to be paid for shipments, but their payments to their carriers and their fixed monthly expenses can’t wait. Partnering with a gives you the flexibility you need to pay carriers on time as well as offer carrier benefits such as fuel advances and quick pay. Even more importantly, you can use this added flexibility to focus on building your business.

When you partner with Interstate Capital for freight broker factoring services, we pay your carriers, freeing up your time and resources to grow your company. To find out how factoring can benefit you, get an instant factoring rate quote today.

About Interstate Capital

Interstate Capital has funded over 8,000 companies since 1993, making it one of the oldest and largest in the alternative funding market. Interstate purchases nearly $1 billion dollars of invoices annually from hundreds of clients in a wide range of industries throughout North America and each client receives individual attention from a dedicated account manager. Get in touch with us so that you can learn more about the factoring programs designed for freight brokers. Let us customize a program for you.