Furniture and Home Decor FactoringIn the rapidly changing interior design industry, business models are evolving for both retailers and wholesalers. Nevertheless, one key constant remains the same: the need for steady cash flow. Whether you’re selling furniture, carpeting and flooring, window treatments, or home accessories, you need to close the gap between delivering your customers’ orders and getting paid for them. Furniture and home decor factoring can be your answer.

With today’s restrictive banking regulations and longer payment terms, factoring is a good solution for running the business today and for expanding tomorrow.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how invoice factoring would work for a furniture manufacturer:

  1. The manufacturer delivers a truckload of couches to a chain of furniture stores.
  2. The chain negotiated 60-day payment terms to buy time for stores to sell the couches.
  3. The manufacturer submits the invoice for the couches to their factoring company.
  4. The factoring company advances the manufacturer 90% of the value of the invoice.

After the factoring company collects payment from the furniture stores in two months, they send the manufacturer the rest of the invoice amount, minus a small factoring fee. The manufacturer can use the funds to cover payroll, pay suppliers, add new product lines, expand marketing – whatever is needed to maintain and grow their business.

Note that in this example, the manufacturer does not need to make any payments on the advance. Factoring is not a loan, so the manufacturer does not incur debt. They just get paid early rather than waiting two months to get paid. The manufacturer can also take advantage of new business opportunities. When a company has funds to maintain their current productivity, its leadership can then plan for growth.

A top-tier accounts receivable factoring company such as Interstate Capital, a leader in the industry since 1993, will provide special benefits to companies in the furniture and home decor industry. When you choose Interstate Capital as your funding partner, you can save both time and money with their value-added benefits program which includes the following:

  1. Improved cash flow
  2. Funds forwarded to you on the same day you submit your invoice
  3. Approval for funding based on your customers’ credit backgrounds, not your own
  4. No added debt and no monthly payments
  5. Unrestricted funds to use for covering payroll, increasing inventory, paying bills, whatever you need to do to maintain your company and increase its profitability
  6. Savings with volume discounts and early payment discounts from suppliers
  7. Free credit checks to protect your company from business loss
  8. Free collections services to help maintain good relations with customers
  9. Online organization and storage of documents accessible to you 24/7
  10. Dedicated account manager who understands your business and gets you funded fast

Instead of waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for your customers to pay you, enjoy a positive cash flow and meet payroll each month when you partner with Interstate. We purchase your accounts receivable and you get paid upfront for products you have delivered: it’s simple and fast.

Take your business to the next level with furniture and home decor factoring with Interstate Capital.

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