Janitorial Services FactoringTo pay all their staff on time and manage other expenses, many janitorial firms partner with a factoring company. Janitorial services factoring provides them with a positive cash flow and working capital for growth.

Janitorial services companies face a unique set of financial and competitive challenges. These staffing and cleaning companies have large payroll obligations, but also can serve some customers who don’t pay for 30, 45 or even 60 days. Whether the janitorial company employs large shifts of people to clean commercial and government office buildings at night or hires just a few workers for small facilities, paydays can be stressful when the owner of the janitorial company has to wait for customers to pay.

Janitorial services factoring with Interstate Capital provides many benefits for companies offering these kinds of services.

  • Get paid right away without waiting
  • Receive up to 90% advances on the same day you submit your invoices
  • Protect your business with free credit checks on potential customers
  • Save with volume discounts on cleaning supplies
  • Improve your credit score and enjoy early payment discounts
  • Turn over collections headaches to professional collectors
  • Take on larger contracts with longer payment terms
  • Set aside funds for increased marketing, better transportation solutions, more office staff – whatever you need to grow and improve profitability

Janitorial services factoring is different from traditional funding methods: you don’t incur debt and you aren’t judged on your past credit history or your company’s collateral. Instead, Interstate Capital’s streamlined application process focuses on the creditworthiness of your customers.

With low rates and high advances, Interstate’s factoring programs for janitorial companies provide economical and efficient cash flow solutions for daily operations today and future growth tomorrow.

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