How to Improve Your Cash Flow with Freight Broker Factoring

Freight brokers face competing demands daily. On one side, you have commercial shippers that want long payment terms and on the other hand, you have motor carriers that payment now. You get stuck in the middle of a cash flow imbalance. Freight broker factoring is a debt-free financing solution that helps them speed up cash flow and grow their business.

The main benefit of factoring is that it closes that gap between paying carriers and receiving payments for loads. However, resolving this cash flow challenge is not the only benefit.

To better understand how freight broker factoring helps thousands of brokerages across North America maintain their cash flow, download the free Freight Broker Factoring Guide. Find out answers to such questions as:

Freight Broker Factoring Guide

  • Freight Broker Factoring – how does it work?
  • How does freight broker factoring work?
  • What is factoring?
  • How easy and fast is the application process?
  • What are some benefits of factoring?
  • How can you tell when your company needs factoring?
  • What are some common questions about factoring?
  • What is a factoring agreement?
  • How much will factoring cost me?
  • How is a factoring rate calculated?
  • How can invoice factoring improve your relationships with shippers and motor carriers?
  • How does factoring help freight brokers reduce risk?

and so much more!

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