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Fuel discount cards save trucking companies money on one of their biggest and most important expenses: fuel. Diesel fuel cards for owner operators and fleet owners represent an essential financial tool in any trucker’s wallet. When you pull up to a pump, you want to be able to pull out the best fuel card for truckers to save money and to track expenses.

Interstate Capital’s Fuel Discount Card Features

Fuel Discount cardSave up to 10 cents per gallon every day
Fuel Discount cardSave at 900+ truck stops across the U.S.A.
Fuel Discount cardUse your card to get cash price at the pump
Fuel Discount cardEnjoy added discounts applied to your bill

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Fuel Discounts at Most Travel Centers

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Interstate Capital, one of North America’s leading factoring companies, provide clients in the freight business many ways to save money and time. Interstate’s exclusive no-cost diesel fuel cards bring a number of advantages. By using one of the industry’s best fuel cards for trucking companies, you can …

  1. Save you up to a $0.10 discount per gallon. Save money at the pump at participating truck stops with a fuel discount card. These are immediate discounts, not rebated weeks later on a fuel bill. The discount is calculated immediately at the gas pump, giving you real savings throughout the month.
  2. Control spending. Many clients find that our the Interstate Capital diesel fuel card helps them track their diesel fuel expenses each month and maintain greater control over their budgets.
  3. Transfer funds seamlessly. The Interstate Capital fuel card for owner operators and fleets provides you not only discounted diesel fuel, but also a streamlined way to transfer money and manage your expense accounts.
  4. Eliminate unauthorized spending. As a trucking business owner, you may be managing various drivers, shipments, clients and loads. Diesel fuel cards will help you monitor who purchases fuel and eliminate any unauthorized spending.
  5. Get the cash price at the pump. The Interstate Capital fuel card is more than a credit card; you can enjoy paying cash prices without dollars in hand.

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Get Your Fuel Discount Card Today!

Fuel discount cards can be a trucker’s best money management tool. Across the country, drivers and fleet owners know that they are the most efficient way to save money on diesel fuel at more than 900 participating truck stops across the country, control spending, and transfer funds. How much money could you save by using one of the best fuel cards for truckers save your trucking company? Use this calculator to determine YOUR $ SAVINGS.

Interstate Capital: Supporting the Freight Industry since 1993

Interstate Capital, a leader in transportation funding solutions for almost 25 years, not only offers its clients one of the best fuel cards for truckers, but also brings other benefits to their valued transportation clients. Not only can you save money on fuel, but you can also enjoy instant cash advances when you load, plus payment on delivery.! Get your funds sent directly to your fuel card account and stay on the road.

Get additional benefits with Interstate Capital:

  • Obtain 24×7 fuel advances when you’re loaded
  • Receive 100% payment upon delivery
  • Free membership on the world’s largest FREE load board