Any average factoring company can advance you funds on your accounts receivable. It’s a simple no-debt financing tool that speeds up cash flow and have the working capital you need to grow your company.

However, do you want more than average service and average rates from your factoring company? You deserve to get the best value possible from your factoring company. When you’re talking to potential factoring partner, ask what they’ll provide you. Get the conversation going with …


  1. Will we receive the best possible advance rates against eligible invoices?
  2. Will we receive our funds on the same day we submit our invoices?
  3. Will you offer us customized rate options?
  4. Will you provide us free, unlimited ACH direct deposits?
  5. Will you offer free wire transfer options?
  6. Will you process our invoices without charging us extra fees?
  7. Will you help us reduce business losses with 24/7 credit decisions?
  8. Will we be able to see our funding status and run reports 24/7?
  9. Will you give us one-on-one training on your client website?
  10. Will we be able to receive uncapped funds, limited only by our customers’ credit strength?
  11. Will you work with us even if we’re a start-up or have a low credit score?
  12. Will you let us try your program for 90 days, risk-free without penalties?
  13. Will you send me a list of clients who I could call about your company?
  14. Will we have a dedicated account manager as our single point of contact?
  15. Will we be able to continue factoring without mandatory annual financial reports?
  16. Will you handle our collections work so we don’t have to ask customers to pay?
  17. Will you treat our customers as if they were your own?
  18. Will you have specialists with experience factoring other clients in my industry?
  19. Have you been in business more than 20 years?
  20. Have you helped 10,000 businesses with their cash flow challenges?

What are the factoring company’s answers?

When you call Interstate Capital, each answer is the same: YES. Interstate Capital WILL make sure you get the most out of your factoring experience with an unparalleled package of benefits tailored to your industry. Interstate Capital, a trusted leader in factoring since 1993, delivers. Your company is important to you – and to us.

Contact us – we can’t wait to say YES to you!

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