Cargo TheftCargo theft is a huge concern for any trucking company and is a problem that can affect factoring companies as well.
To protect your trucking company from cargo theft, you might have to rethink your facility and vehicle security systems. By using some key security measures and putting the right technology in place, you can ensure that your trucking company doesn’t fall victim to such theft.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your trucks from cargo theft on the road:

  • Install GPS devices in all of your trucks. You can set up these systems to send an alert if the truck deviates from the route that it is supposed to be on. Most technologically advanced GPS systems also offer owners the option of vehicle immobilization technology which can be used to remotely disable a vehicle if it is stolen.
  • Secure all truck doors and storage areas. Just because you have GPS or CCTV (closed circuit TV) systems in place does not mean that criminals will not try to take advantage of any theft opportunities. Install multiple locks wherever you can to make breaking in as difficult and time-consuming as possible.
  • Know your supply chain. Knowing your carriers and drivers is essential. Ensure that all loading teams verify the driver’s identity and credentials before releasing any loads. Chat with your logistic and dispatch managers so that they know how important it is to have a good relationship with the people they work with.
  • Implement basic security practices to be used by all truckers and loaders. Keep trucks locked at all times, always activate the alarm system and GPS, and make sure that trucks are always parked in well-lit and safe areas.
  • Respond to every alarm alert at your facility or warehouse. Some cargo teams can slack off after a few “false alarms,” but this could also indicate that criminals are testing your alarm reliability and seeing exactly how long it takes for security officials to arrive after alarm activation. Make sure that you respond to each alarm alert to avoid any weakness showing up in your security procedures.

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