Factoring services for freight brokers

Professionals in the transportation factoring industry recognize the challenges and pressures truck drivers face day in and day out. Freight brokers and fleet owners know that stress can affect their drivers’ performance on the road as well as their longevity in their company. Drivers are their most valuable assets and they want to minimize turnover, burnout, and unsafe behaviors.

Advice for your truckers

At Interstate Capital we provide comprehensive factoring services to the trucking and freight industry. After 22 years of working with thousands of transportation professionals, we can offer a few tips for brokers and fleet owners on how you can help your truckers reduce the negative consequences of job-related stress:

  • Encourage your truckers to get adequate rest and sleep. During long trips, make sure they have planned pit stops to rest. Without enough sleep, drivers can become distracted and unsafe.
  • Encourage healthy eating or even consider providing healthy snacks or mini meals for the trip. A healthy body will lead to better sleep and better stress management, too. Fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich snacks that help maintain steady blood sugar levels are ideal for long trips.
  • Make sure your logistics or operations manager is planning trips and orders with sufficient time for truckers to take breaks on the road and in between trips.
  • Study the route that your truckers have to take and plan the trip around peak traffic hours. Driving at night or during the early hours of the morning can reduce the chance of them getting caught in stressful, time-wasting rush-hour traffic.
  • Ensure that your trucks are fitted with radios or CD players so that your drivers can listen to music along the way. Listening to music helps us relax and de-stress along the way.
  • Ask your drivers to do some simple stretches during pit stops to get their blood circulating and muscles loosened. Host a few workshops at your office to demonstrate stretching and talk about the benefits of rest and nutrition.

Get further advice and access to reliable factoring services from Interstate Capital

At Interstate Capital we understand that the health, well-being, and happiness of your truckers are essential to the productivity of your trucking business or freight brokerage. We are factoring specialists who understand your business and provide professional factoring cash flow solutions tailored to your industry. We offer our clients funding before and after delivery as well as fuel advances. Our clients also enjoy 24/7 access to funding and discounts on diesel fuel with our discount cards.

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