Interstate Capital Account Manager’s Art Featured at Museum

Employees at Interstate Capital have many talents and interests, ranging from photography and journalism to catering and golf. Paco Irigoyen, the lead account manager in Interstate Capital’s small trucking factoring division, is an accomplished artist with a growing following. His work, which often features unconventional materials and found objects, has been in group and solo exhibits and is in numerous private collections.

As part of the El Paso Museum of Art’s focus on up-and-coming regional artists, the curatorial department invited Irigoyen to exhibit a selected work for three months. In introducing Irigoyen and his “Artists on Art” talk last week, curator Christian Gerstheimer reported that the artist’s work caught his attention at a group show a few years ago. “I’ve been watching Paco’s art evolve,” said Gerstheimer. “He has grown as an artist and has come to specialize in depicting the human figure.”

Irigoyen’s large painting of a woman, entitled “The Gaze,” is part of his series on individuals looking directly at the viewer. “I was inspired by what someone’s gaze means and communicates in different cultures and settings,” Irigoyen said in his gallery talk. “My art focuses on communicating – I want people to talk about what a piece means to them.”

Although the quarterly “Artists on Art” talks typically draw around a dozen attendees, some 60 people of all ages and backgrounds attended Irigoyen’s presentation, including museum members, fellow artists, and Interstate Capital colleagues. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas Tech University in 2011, Irigoyen has worked for Interstate since 2012. “My degree taught me persistence, problem-solving, and communication skills,” says Irigoyen. “I use those skills all the time on the job helping clients grow their businesses.”

Interstate Capital is a leading marketer of accounts receivable and freight bill factoring, fuel cards, freight matching, freight broker credit reports, property broker bonds, fuel advances, truck and trailer financing, freight brokerage and freight payable auction management services. Founded in 1993, Interstate Capital has provided $ billions of funding for over 5,000 motor carriers and other small businesses in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and projects to purchase in excess of $1 billion of receivables this fiscal year.  Interstate is one of the largest privately-held, non-bank transportation factoring companies in North America.

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