With more than 90 employees, Interstate Capital Corporation celebrates many graduations this time of year. Many employees have attended local high school graduations for their children and friends and some employees’ sons and daughters have recently become the first college graduates in their families. For two employees, this graduation season represents a major personal accomplishment, earned by going to night and weekend classes and online seminars and studying after hours, all while working full-time and raising children.

Angel Aramburu, newly promoted account manager, and Maria Barraza, operations manager, both started college right out of high school, but didn’t finish due to work opportunities and family commitments. They both graduated with bachelor’s degrees in business administration this spring and both credit their management courses as being most helpful in their work with their factoring clients. Ms. Barraza, an eleven-year employee, has been taking college courses at New Mexico State University, one or two a semester, since 2008. Mr. Aramburu, who had previously co-owned five franchise stores before joining Interstate last year, needed the flexibility of the University of Phoenix online courses with his work schedule. Interstate Capital applauds the accomplishments of these and all college graduates in this busy season of celebrations.

The Interstate Capital Group of Companies is a leading marketer of accounts receivable factoring, freight bill factoring, fuel cards, freight matching, freight broker credit reports, property broker bonds, fuel advances, truck and trailer financing, freight brokerage and freight payable auction management services. Founded in 1993, Interstate Capital has provided $ billions of funding for over 10,000 motor carriers and other small businesses in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Interstate Capital projects to purchase in excess of $1 billion of receivables this fiscal year.  Interstate is one of the largest privately held, non-bank transportation factoring companies in North America.