Good NewsWhen the folks at Interstate Capital say they help their clients along the road to financial success, they mean it. Partnering with business owners may start with getting them paid upfront on their invoices, but it doesn’t end there. A veteran truck driver from the East Coast discovered that last month.

With 34 years driving experience behind him, Dan went into business on his own last year with one truck. He had never factored before but when a friend recommended Interstate Capital to him, he gave us a call. In spite of a bankruptcy in Dan’s past, Crystal and Cesar at Interstate Capital quickly moved his application forward and he was approved for factoring with no problem. He received his first funding as soon as his paperwork was complete.

However, in July, his Interstate Capital account manager, Nancy, noticed that he wasn’t submitting invoices. She hadn’t heard from Dan in a while so she reached out to him – and caught him at a bad time. Unable to consistently find loads and stuck with an empty trailer on too many drives home, Dan was wondering if he had made a mistake going out on his own. In fact, when she called, he was parked and ready to quit.

Nancy quickly went into action and put him in contact with Mark*, a dispatcher who worked with Ashley at Interstate Capital and who specialized in booking hotshot loads with independent motor carriers like Dan. Mark called Dan right away. “He is a very nice guy,” he wrote Nancy. “Just the kind of driver I would like to work with.”

While her follow-up with Dan was typical of customer care service at Interstate Capital, the client was surprised. “It’s a little hard to believe that in this day and age there are still a few considerate people out there,” he texted Nancy. “I was kind of shocked when I got your message. I thought I would be long forgotten!”

“Thank you and all involved for being so kind to be willing to help me find someone in this business that might be able to help me,” Dan continued. “It’s just so nice that there are a few out there who still really care! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Interstate Capital’s staff is ready to work for you. Let us be your partner on the road to business success starting with a free factoring assessment now to find out how you, too, can benefit.