Interstate Capital Staff

Interstate Capital staff members got creative this fall as a way to celebrate the factoring company’s 10th anniversary of working with a Texas-based manufacturer that supplies major crafts store chains. To commemorate the company’s long working relationship, nearly two dozen employees, representing eight different departments, used the manufacturer’s wooden crafts products to design fall decorations of all sorts. It was a fun way to share a piece of Interstate Capital history and get to experience a valued client’s products.

“The Creative Crate Contest” gave entrants a wooden crate and the letters I, C, and C, for Interstate Capital Corporation, along with a gift card to one of the client’s key customers for supplies and inspiration. On October 31, the due date, an amazing variety of fall-themed crates appeared.

We had crates celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, and fall leaves. We had wooden trucks pulling crate-trailers full of pumpkins or Halloween candy. We had spooky Halloween scenes, a pair of turkeys enjoying dinner at an upside down crate table, and a remote-controlled shadow box with different layers of fall leaves. Crates were used right-side-up, upside-down, sideways, on large wall hangings, and even deconstructed. Some people worked with their kids for a family crafts project; other employees partnered together. All the crates made their last appearance at work as centerpieces at the company’s Thanksgiving luncheon in our Santa Teresa, NM, and El Paso, TX, locations. With such creativity, no winner could be selected: all employees received a prize.

To share the experience with our client, we took photos of the decorated crates and designed a large metal plaque with the photographs for the client’s office. The plaque included a message about the project and our gratitude for the client’s loyalty and friendship since November 2006, a decade of remarkable growth for the manufacturer.

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Interstate Capital Staff