freight bill factoringegardless of the size of your fleet, a factoring company can add value to your business. Some small business owners may believe that their companies are not substantial enough to secure an agreement with a factoring company; however, at Interstate Capital, no fleet is too big or too small.
Small fleets

With little collateral and credit history, small businesses and start-ups often struggle to secure loans from banks. Similarly, an unpredictable cash flow makes it difficult to expand and purchase more trucks. Invoice factoring for small fleets provides a steady cash flow and reliable income. Interstate Capital offers small fleet owners a number of financial advantages, such as low factoring rates, high advances, two-hour funding, fuel discount cards, and fuel advances before delivery. We ensure your drivers get paid and your trucks stay on the road, even when your clients wait months to pay their bills.

Large fleets

Large fleets can equally benefit from a professional factoring service. Interstate Capital’s special services for large fleets includes low factoring rates and funding without originals. Our value program, designed for fleets with 10 trucks or more, helps businesses receive funding fast and ultimately reduce costs.

With over 5,000 trucking companies and freight brokers successfully funded since 1993, Interstate Capital factoring professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help you run a successful trucking business. Contact us today for a quote.