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Online load boards may have revolutionized the freight industry more than 25 years ago, but Interstate Capital revolutionized freight load boards with a completely free freight load board that significantly helps motor carriers, freight brokers, and shippers succeed. This new board has become the leader among all free load boards for truckers. Unlike other free freight load boards, this free trucker load board enables motor carriers to find freight, obtain a fuel advance, and receive payment on delivery—all without ever leaving the site.

For those truck load board users who wish to obtain fuel advances and quick pay, the process is easy. Motor carriers can enjoy a new level of convenience: no minimums, no invoicing, no accounts receivable to collect, no overnight delivery services, and no postage.

What makes Interstate Capital’s truckers load board different?

Freight matching is not a new or unique concept. Internet-based load boards have been around for years and just when it seemed like all the best load boards were alike, along came an innovative approach to free load boards for truck drivers from the transportation funding experts at Interstate Capital, North America’s leading freight bill factoring company. Building on the company’s research in freight boards and years of experience funding owner/operators and trucking fleets since 1993, Interstate Capital developed a one-of-a-kind leader among free truck load boards. It has been designed specifically for motor carriers seeking loads with fuel advances and quick pay options.

Interstate Capital clients had been asking for assistance in finding loads so this leading freight bill funding company took the old free freight load boards concept and expanded on it by providing all the most popular features found on the best traditional load boards for freight and then adding a funding option and other unique features.

For the most part, the other large trucker load boards all share an identical business model: collect monthly fees — up to over $1,000 per year for some load boards — from thousands of motor carriers in exchange for access to lists of loads. Many major load boards for trucking charge a minimum fee of $420 per year just for a “basic” subscription. Some sites require their users to pay hundreds of dollars per year more to access “premium” features.

The remarkable growth rate of Interstate Capital’s free truck load board showed that the concept of completely FREE freight matching with no subscription fees was working. Users will never be asked for their credit card number; the site is completely free.

This load board for truckers is different in a few ways. The first distinction is that owner operators and fleet owners can specifically search for fuel advances and quick pay loads and get paid directly from the website. The second benefit is free access to credit reports and payment histories on more than 10,000 freight brokers. Both value-added features make the site a popular one.

In addition, many load boards for freight are amazingly complex and difficult to learn. Interstate Capital’s mission for its load board is to keep it simple and easy to use from a computer or a mobile phone.

How does Interstate Capital’s free load board work?

The real game changer in the realm of free trucking load boards with Interstate Capital’s freight matching system was that carriers could refine their load search only to quick-paying loads. For qualified loads, Interstate Capital provides fuel advances and quick pay directly from the site. Carriers do not have to limit their search to freight brokers offering quick-pay, since the load board offers quick-pay whether the freight broker does or not.

Unlike the average truck stops load board, this site goes further to serve today’s motor carrier. Compared to some free load boards for owner operators, this load board lets motor carriers sign up, perform unlimited load searches, post unlimited trucks, log in as often as they wish, and have unlimited access to 10,000+ free freight broker credit reports.

Not all free truck load boards work the same for freight brokers. After freight brokers register on Interstate Capital’s load board, they can post an unlimited number of loads and search for carriers with the equipment needed in the locations of their loads.

Imagine you are an owner operator sitting with an empty trailer and empty gas tank and you go to Interstate Capital’s load board, where more than 30,000 loads could be listed at any given time. Here’s how a search might work:

  • First narrow your search to loads against which fuel advances are available
  • That might narrow the field of available loads from 30,000 to 3,000 loads
  • Then narrow your search to loads available within 50 or 100 miles of your truck
  • That might narrow the field to 5 loads that suit your location and equipment
  • Click on the load for more details and contact information for the broker or shipper

Imagine you’re a fleet owner who’s tight on cash.

  1. You use Interstate Capital to refine your search to loads identified with a big red check mark—the ones are eligible for fuel advances and quick pay directly from the site.
  2. You find a load that matches your search criteria and communicate with the freight broker or shipper that posted it to cover that load.
  3. Then you click the FUEL ADVANCE NOW button to obtain 50% of your money when you’re loaded.
  4. When the load is delivered, click on the QUICK PAY NOW button to receive the rest of your money.

How do free freight boards help motor carriers?

Once on Interstate Capital’s site, motor carriers search for available freight among loads posted by freight brokers and shippers. This truckers load board helps carriers in three important ways:

  • Find freight
  • Get fuel money
  • Get paid on delivery

The free freight boards concept is not new, but it seems other load boards for freight overlooked the most essential piece of the freight matching concept: the funding.

Other free load boards with rates may have a referral relationship with outside factoring companies, requiring carriers to maintain dual relationships. However, the motor carrier cannot be certain a fuel advance will be granted or the load will be funded until the outside factoring company gives permission to load.

However, when the Interstate Capital freight load board displays quick-pay loads, carriers can know that they will get paid quickly by one of North America’s top transportation factoring company.

Interstate Capital’s load board is a one-stop-shop where you can find freight, receive payment for fuel, and get paid all in one visit to the site. Registered members don’t need an outside factoring company, because on this load board, owner operators and small fleets can find freight, get a fuel advance when loaded, and get paid 100 percent upon delivery with no factoring reserve. These are benefits you are unlikely to find on most load boards for owner operators.

This free truck load board works very well for the small fleet operator or owner operator who needs fuel advances and quick pay to bolster cash flow. With today’s high cost of diesel, most small operators need money to fill up as well as payment immediately following delivery.

What can you find on the best load boards?

When exploring truck load boards, you’ll see that not all trucker load boards go beyond simple freight matching. Free load boards for owner operators don’t often provide a variety of value-added benefits such as free options that pay them on delivery.

To provide even greater incentive for all freight brokers to post their loads on its site, Interstate Capital pays the freight broker every time a fuel advance or quick pay is given to a carrier on their posted loads. This is a key feature for the thousands of freight brokers across North America who continuously search load boards for owner operators to cover their loads.

This quick pay benefit for motor carriers is a compelling one for freight brokers in an industry facing increasing driver shortages. Even better, brokers are not tying up their own capital in a quick pay program. On a typical $1,000 load, a freight broker can earn an extra spread of 1.5% when Interstate Capital advances funds for fuel and provides quick pay on a posted load.

Many owner operators have fallen into the trap of limiting their searches on free truck load boards with rates to loads from brokers offering fuel advances and quick pay, no matter how cheap the rate. On some truck load boards free additional services are limited. Since Interstate Capital’s load board will advance fuel money and pay the carrier upon delivery, its members can find good-paying freight at the best rates instead of limiting their searches only to brokers with the low per-mile rates that happen also to offer quick pay.

All members of Interstate Capital’s load board have access to tens of thousands of loads covering millions of miles, whether they are eligible for quick pay or not. The load board allows its users to filter searches for loads it will fund and those it won’t.

In good times and bad, margins are thin at most trucking companies. Business owners experience cash needs for diesel fuel, permits, driver pay, repairs, and other daily expenses to keep trucks running. It is difficult for operators to conduct business without outside help, while having to contend at the same time with slow payment, non-payment and other issues. In the trucking industry, whether you have one or one hundred trucks, most business owners need outside capital, whether at banks or factoring companies, to manage their cash flow needs. Now the Interstate Capital load board for truckers fills that cash flow need, while also helping dispatchers fill their trailers.

What are some tips for finding loads?

For new members of Interstate Capital’s freight matching system, here’s a good way to start:

— Filter your search by listing only your origin location (where you would like to pick up freight)

— Check the distance limit (25, 50, or 100 miles) that you are willing to travel to pick up a load.

— To see the most loads, do not specify date or equipment yet – just input your origin location.

— Narrow down from that list to find the freight that’s right for your time frame and truck.

Platinum BrokerYou can also refine your searches for loads to Platinum Brokers, and receive an exclusive payment guarantee. It works like this: If Interstate Capital is the disbursing entity on a Platinum Broker load, the motor carrier is guaranteed payment by Interstate Capital. The Platinum Broker Payment Guarantee is displayed on every Platinum Broker credit report in the load board. Interstate Capital, one of North America’s best-funded transportation financial institutions, backs the payment guarantee. The “Platinum Broker Guarantee” logo indicates that the freight broker uses Interstate Capital to escrow shipper payments and disburse payments to motor carriers

How can motor carriers protect themselves against business losses?

Some motor carriers use Interstate Capital’s load board just to have access to thousands of free credit reports on freight brokers. With so many freight brokers in the industry, it can be hard to figure out who to work with. You don’t want to get stuck hauling a load and not getting paid for it – or waiting months for payments.

With Interstate Capital’s decades of experience in factoring freight and working with more than 10,000 freight brokers, this load board can provide real-time, firsthand payment histories to  help motor carriers select loads. The carrier can see at a glance a freight broker’s payment history and can avoid brokers with a track record of late payments.

Some freight broker credit reports include additional background on the business, including when it was founded. Those descriptions could mention the broker’s areas of specialization.

How can you join Interstate Capital’s load board?

Registration is always free at Interstate Capital’s load board; you will never be asked for payment information. Online registration takes just a moment and you can get started right away in your search for loads or your search for motor carriers.

You will answer a few brief questions, including the following:

  • Whether your company is a motor carrier, freight broker or shipper
  • If you are a motor carrier, you will be asked to further identify yourself: independent owner/operator, dispatcher, etc.
  • Your U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number
  • Your company name
  • Your last name and first name
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Your email address (this will be your user name)
  • Your own password

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address (sometimes this can appear in your “junk mail” in-box). Simply reply and you are ready to search for loads or post loads for free! Click here for more information.

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