Freight Broker Factoring

Providing top quality service at a fair price is one of the keys to building a successful freight broker business. Another important key to success is marketing your business: getting your name out in the industry and reaching more potential customers. Not only do you need to identify the shippers who most likely would be appropriate customers for your brokerage, but you have to make sure you are marketing your company in ways that will reach those potential customers. Here are a few tips:

List yourself in business directories

When shippers and motor carriers look for freight brokers, they typically conduct online searches. You can list your business online for free on sites such as GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp for Business Owners, Bing Places for Business and Yahoo! Local listings.

Create an intriguing website that shows you are reputable

The next step is building your website. Once a potential customer sees your business listing online, he or she will want to go to your website to research your company. Make sure you have a comprehensive website that lists your company’s capabilities, services, ownership, and history. Be sure to include your contact details prominently. It’s also helpful to include a few client testimonials from happy and satisfied customers.

Find leads online

Instead of waiting for new business to come to you, proactively seek out new shippers and motor carriers on free load boards. is an example of an online free load board where you can post your available loads for tens of thousands of motor carriers to see. On, you can also search for thousands of available trucks and reach motor carriers who are often missing from paid subscription load boards.

Besides improving your marketing efforts, you can also take other steps to keep your trucks on the road. Whether you are an asset-based brokerage or you are working with independent owner-operators, timing is critical in the freight industry. Many freight brokers wait 30 days, 60 days or even longer for shippers to pay them, which can put their operations in jeopardy.  Avoid incurring debt and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a steady cash flow by signing up for invoice factoring where you get paid upfront on your freight bills. Find out more about how invoice factoring can benefit your freight broker business.

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