Freight Bill Factoring Guide

With today’s reliance on smart phones, mobile apps have become an important part of doing business. Whether you are a corporate executive or a truck driver, you can find apps that help you plan more effectively and work more efficiently.

Researchers and analysts find the most popular business apps fall into five categories: work, organization, communication, security, and weather forecasts.

Work: These apps are often productivity aids that are specific to different industries. They can be apps that help someone conduct his or her daily business and increase profitability

Organization: Many apps help people manage their time and documents. These could include calendars, reminders, task and project organizers, mileage trackers, expense recorders with built-in scanners, payment managing apps, note-takers, and other tools to help organize time and information.

Communication: Communicating with others, whether texting, emailing, instant messaging, or whatever, is, of course, the primary function of smart phones. Some apps go a step further in communication, with functions that cover videotaping or information sharing and storage.

Security: These apps protect your data and keep your devices safe. They might manage your passwords, prevent data theft, or screen viruses.

Weather: Everyone – especially people who travel for a living, like pilots and truck drivers – wants to know what the weather will be like. People used to tune into forecasts on the radio in the morning; now they click on a smart phone app.


New apps are developed every day and one new app, the Interstate Capital App, helps factoring  clients expedite payments, work more productively, organize documents, and communicate with their account manager, all in a secure environment. Business owners who rely on Interstate Capital to speed up their cash flow use the new app to:

  • Scan in their paperwork, such as invoices, purchase orders, rate confirmations, and proofs of delivery
  • Receive payment for work done faster than ever
  • Organize all documents in one accessible location, for processing and review
  • Communicate with account manager instructions for payments


For more information on the exclusive Interstate Capital App, and many other value-added benefits for clients, start with a complimentary factoring assessment today. Interstate Capital is the Leading Factoring Company in the United States and Canada.