Partner with Interstate Capital

When Interstate Capital, one of North America’s leading freight factoring companies, works with fleet owners and owner-operators, it’s a partnership that doesn’t stop with same-day funding and fuel advances. From morning to night, Interstate Capital provides business support to motor carriers. While getting up to 100% advances on loads helps motor carriers maintain a strong cash flow, that financial advantage is just part of an unparalleled package of benefits for today’s trucking company. Let’s look at a typical “day in the life” of a motor carrier as an example of how Interstate Capital goes the extra mile.

All day, Interstate Capital helps you…

  1. Stay loaded: With instant free membership in Interstate Capital’s Load Board, the world’s largest free load board, searching for your next job and backhaul is easy and fast. The load board’s integrated funding program also links you with Interstate’s Platinum Brokers with guaranteed quick pay. Motor carriers can also ask their account managers to connect with Interstate Capital’s network of dispatchers for even more options.
  2. Check credit: While you’re looking for good-paying loads, don’t get stuck with customers who don’t pay. Use the free load board for credit checks on more than 10,000 freight brokers or instantly check a shipper’s credit status on Interstate Capital’s client portal to avoid business losses.
  3. Buy fuel: With Interstate Capital’s generous fuel advances, stay on top of your fuel needs for every trip. When you’re at the loading dock, simply request an instant fuel advance on the Interstate Capital Mobile App.
  4. Save money: Your free Interstate Capital Fuel Discount Card will save you up to 10 cents a gallon at the pump and give you the cash price discount at more than 900 truck stops throughout North America. The Interstate Capital Tire Discount Program saves you even more.
  5. Save time: With Interstate Capital’s veteran collections professionals in communication with your valued customers, you can rest assured that any paperwork delays or questions are addressed and resolved even before payment is due. With Interstate’s 24/7 client portal, you can see the status of all your customer payments in real-time.
  6. Get paid fast: With the easy-to-use Interstate Capital Mobile App on your smart-phone, snap and submit your invoices for same-day payment on delivery. With free ACH direct deposit and one free wire transfer every week, you’ll have the cash to pay your drivers.

As many motor carrier clients have said, Interstate Capital “has your back” when it comes to partnering with you for improved cash flow and increased profitability. Contact the friendly factoring experts at Interstate Capital now to help your trucking company succeed and grow.

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