Factoring company

You work hard, you and your drivers are on the road for days at a time, and you run a tight operation without a big staff and high overhead. So it’s not surprising that you could run short on time and focus when it comes to critical back office tasks such as invoicing.

Yet timely and accurate invoices are the key to getting paid on time and for the correct amount. When you’re juggling a lot of tasks and especially when your company is growing at a fast clip, it’s hard to focus on pulling together and matching bills of lading, proof of delivery documents, lumper add-ons, rate confirmations and other paperwork you need to go with that all-important invoice.

Fortunately, you can get support fast for this task and yet still be constantly in the loop on every transaction. Some trucking company owners choose to outsource their invoice preparation to professional outsourcing corporations, just as they might outsource their collections chores to a collection agency. However, that usually comes with a significant cost which eats away at your profits.

Instead, many trucking companies turn to Interstate Capital not only to improve their cash flow, but also to be their one-stop-shop for issuing and processing their invoices. With Interstate tracking and organizing all relevant paperwork for each load, you can relax knowing that invoices will go out on time.

Here are some benefits of turning over invoice preparation to Interstate Capital using its state-of-the-art online systems.

  1. Time savings. While the owners of some trucking businesses try to keep up with timely invoicing or assign friends and family members to the chore, these individuals may not be accounting experts who can get the job done efficiently for every load. Let the professionals at Interstate Capital handle your invoices, so you can use your time for what you do best: operating and growing your business.
  2. Clear, accurate invoices. Invoices created on your behalf by Interstate Capital will include all essential information for payment without misunderstandings.
  3. Quality control. When you turn over invoice preparation to the professionals at Interstate Capital, you can expect error-free statements with correct calculations and amounts. Having professionally prepared, well-created invoices enhances your business image.
  4. Online access. Interstate Capital serves motor carriers with proprietary 24/7 online systems especially designed for its clients. At the click of the mouse these secure systems show you each load’s documentation and the status of all invoices and customer payments. No need to buy complicated accounting software!
  5. Reduced billing disputes. Accurate invoices, in conjunction with organized documents matched to the bills, help customer relations.

When you add the convenience of invoice preparation to professional collections services and other vital back office administrative tasks, you can see how factoring with Interstate Capital can be more than a cash flow solution. It brings you behind-the-scenes business support as well!

When you’re ready to speed up your cash flow and save time with professional invoicing solution, contact Interstate Capital for a free cash flow assessment.