When it comes to running a company and positioning it to grow, business owners know that cash flow is king. Maintaining a steady cash flow requires dependable working capital. That’s why so many companies turn to invoice factoring: it’s a fast and easy way to get invoices paid immediately instead of waiting weeks and months for customers to pay.

At Interstate Capital, one of North America’s leading factoring companies, we make your factoring experience simple.

  1. Click here for your Instant Factoring Rate Quote.
  2. Review the customized Factoring Proposal from your Interstate Capital factoring specialist, who can answer all your questions.
  3. Submit your application and paperwork – basic documents that are readily available for any business owner.
  4. Send in names of your customers for instant credit checks.

If your customers are creditworthy, you’ll be approved for factoring right away and you can sign your factoring agreement. With Interstate Capital’s fast invoice approval and same-day funding, you’re on the road to financial stability and growth.

Not only does Interstate Capital keep the approval and set-up process simple, getting paid right away is fast, too. Clients can submit invoices 24/7 online or through the Interstate Capital Mobile App. The client website is easy to use and all new clients receive one-on-one training and ongoing support as needed to ensure they can instantly see the status of all invoices and collections activities.

Time and again, new Interstate Capital clients report that signing up for factoring was faster and easier than they expected. Find out for yourself by starting with a no-obligation cash flow assessment.