As the holiday season approaches and end-of-the-year expenses grow, many business owners face cash flow challenges. People in the trucking industry often turn to factoring their invoices at this time of year to be confident of having enough cash on hand to keep their trucks on the road without having to wait weeks and even months to get paid by their customers.

Factoring is a quick and easy way to improve your cash flow.

Freight company owners also want to reduce costs wherever possible year-round, especially on one of their biggest expenses: fuel. If you’re considering factoring, why not partner with a transportation factoring company that offers free fuel discount cards?

If you choose a factoring company that provides free fuel cards, the factoring company adds funds to the card, which works like a debit card. Drivers can use the card to pay for fuel, repairs and other items. It’s a great way for a broker or fleet owner to track fuel spending and control costs, with built-in fraud prevention tools and customized reports. In an emergency, funds can quickly be loaded onto the card, which can prevent delays that would otherwise cost the company.

Factor with Interstate Capital and start saving on fuel costs

Thousands of trucking professionals, from owner-operators starting out with one truck to freight brokers and fleet owners working with dozens of motor carriers, rely on Interstate Capital to help them manage their cash flow year-round. Free fuel discount cards, offering savings of up to 14 cents per gallon at the pump, are just one of the company’s great factoring benefits for its transportation clients. Besides offering fuel discounts, fuel advances and 24/7 load approvals, Interstate Capital provides personalized attention to each client. For more information about factoring choices, get an instant factoring quote today.