Discounts on Tires and FuelTo better serve its hundreds of transportation clients, Interstate Capital provides exclusive benefits to its motor carrier clients that make their work easier and save them money. With the Interstate Capital Tire Discount Program, clients can save on name-brand tires, such as Michelin, Goodyear, B.F. Goodrich, Continental, and Dunlop. The program offers discounts up to $40 per tire, saving drivers up to $720 for 18 tires. It also includes 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, truck maintenance discounts, hotel and motel discounts, and more.

Motor carriers know that tires and fuel represent a significant part of their budgets. While the condition of your tires is not the biggest factor affecting fuel usage, making adjustments on your tires represents a relatively easy and affordable place to start saving more at the pump.

The condition of your tires affects miles per gallon. If your engine has to exert more energy to keep those tires rolling, the truck will be consuming more fuel and this could be affecting your trucking company’s bottom line. The science behind tires’ impact on fuel consumption is pretty straightforward: the pressure that tires expend works against the speed at which your truck is moving in the same way that hills or wind resistance will have an impact on your truck’s speed and fuel consumption. According to experts, anything from 5% to 15% of your fuel consumption can be attributed to the resistance from tires.

Truck designs have greatly improved over the years and while optimizing your tire efficiency might not lead to massive savings, a small improvement in rolling resistance can lead to big savings over time. If your trucking business is spending $100,000 on fuel each year, a 10% reduction on fuel consumption can lead to a $10,000 saving.

Here are some tips on optimizing your tires for better fuel efficiency:

  • Optimize Your Tires for Better Fuel EfficiencyInvest in fuel-efficient tires – Many tire brands currently offer fuel-efficient tires for trucks. Browse online trucking forums to find out which tire brands other trucking companies are using. Read independent reviews and studies so that you can compare costs and savings.
  • Check your tire pressure – Simply checking your tire pressure can also lead to fuel cost savings. Tire pressure should be checked and optimized for different weight loads that your truck carries on each trip to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Check tire tread – Wear and tear on tire tread can also affect your truck’s fuel efficiency. In some cases, you might be better off keeping your older tires in good condition with greater tread depth as opposed to replacing them with new ones with less tread depth. 

In addition to helping motor carriers save money on tires and truck maintenance, Interstate Capital also helps reduce fuel costs through the convenient Interstate Capital Fuel Discount Card. Clients can save up to 10 cents a gallon on fuel. If you drive 100,000 miles a year and run at 5 miles per gallon, you can trim $2,000 a year off your fuel costs. To learn how much you can save at the pump each month with the Interstate Capital Discount Fuel Card, visit the Fuel Savings Calculator. Enter your typical fuel use for a month to see what you’ll save.

Learn more about Interstate Capital’s Tire and Fuel Discount Programs and its value-added services designed to save motor carriers money and time.

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