trucking-fuel-card-1Truck fuel cards are just one of the ways that Interstate Capital, one of North America’s leading factoring companies, helps clients in the freight industry. Our fuel cards give you up to a $0.10 discount per gallon of diesel fuel at the pump at participating truck stops.

Besides helping you save money, our diesel fuel cards give freight and trucking business owners a number of added benefits, including the power to

  • Receive immediate discounts. The trucker fuel card discount isn’t reconciled or rebated weeks later. The discount is calculated immediately at the gas pump, giving you real savings throughout the month.
  • Control spending. Many clients find that our freight fuel card helps them track their diesel expenses each month and maintain greater control over their budgets
  • Transfer funds seamlessly. The Interstate Capital fuel card provides you not only discounted diesel fuel, but also a streamlined way to transfer money and manage your expense accounts.
  • Eliminate unauthorized spending. As a trucking business owner, you may be managing various drivers, shipments, clients and loads. A freight fuel card will help you monitor who purchases fuel and eliminate any unauthorized spending.

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Interstate Capital is an established, reputable company with a long list of client testimonials. We don’t just offer great factoring rates; we go the extra mile to help your business.

Interstate Capital’s Fuel Discount Card offers a $0.10 discount per gallon of diesel at participating truck stops.* Use this calculator to determine YOUR $ SAVINGS.

Savings / Gallon ($)
Enter Gallons Used / Week :

Weekly Savings**
Monthly Savings**
Yearly Savings**

*Discount off the listed credit price at the pump.
**Assumes average fuel economy of 6.1 mpg.

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