A general overview of accounts receivable factoring.

Factoring companies like Interstate Capital provide more than just same day funding.

Factoring is a simple financing tool used by millions of small, medium, and large businesses for hundreds of years.

Rather than waiting until they get paid by their customer, companies that factor their invoices with Interstate Capital get paid right away.

Factoring with Interstate Capital costs only pennies on the sales dollar and, depending on industry, advance rates can be as high as 100%.

Interstate Capital provides 24/7 on-line credit approvals on your customers, minimizing your risk of credit loss.

Interstate Capital also provides peace of mind with its 24-7 online access to all your invoicing images and reports.

Finally, we send automated statements to your customers to assist them to pay your invoices sooner, minimizing non-payment risk.

That’s why we assign you your own personal account manager who works as your partner to ensure your credit, funding, AND collection needs are taken care of, and this is why it is more that just a  same day funding.