What happens when you call a factoring company?

If you’ve never factored your invoices before, you might wonder what happens when you first call a factoring company. Every factoring company will respond a bit differently to a call from a business owner interested in factoring, but we can outline what happens when you call Interstate Capital, one of the largest and most respected factoring companies in the industry.

When you first call Interstate Capital, the call could typically go like this:

  1. An Interstate Capital factoring specialist will ask you about your business: general ideas about your average revenue each month, your customers, the average number of days your customers typically pay their invoices. Your answers will help confirm that factoring would be right for your business.
  2. The knowledgeable and friendly factoring specialist on the line will then tell you more about herself or himself and ask you how much you know about invoice factoring. If you are unfamiliar with the process, the specialist will explain how factoring could help speed up your cash flow. They will ensure you have an understanding of how factoring works.
  3. With your information, the factoring specialist can quickly suggest a customized factoring program for you and provide a factoring rate quote, along with any relevant factoring fees and arrangements. The rule with Interstate Capital is “no surprises.” You are entitled to know upfront exactly how much factoring will cost and exactly what you can expect in exchange for those factoring charges.
  4. Lastly, in that first call, the factoring specialist will have enough information to email you a factoring rate for our factoring services tailored to your company. You can review that document at your leisure, consult with your finance personnel, and call back Interstate Capital with any questions.

For the vast majority of factoring clients, communications with their factoring company are by phone and email; face-to-face meetings are quite rare in this industry. A quick phone call is efficient and helps you work at the speed of business. With any factoring company, that first phone call that you make to their staff is a great way to gauge what a particular factoring company can do for you. At Interstate Capital clients continually find that their on-phone and on-line correspondence can be just as warm and rewarding as visiting a personal banker.

When you’re ready to make your call to learn more, our team of experienced factoring professionals is ready to make your first experience a positive one.

Contact Interstate Capital for an instant factoring rate quote today.