At Interstate Capital, every employee, from the CEO to support staff, is committed to ensuring that clients receive the best possible customer service and benefits. Interstate Capital focuses on hiring smart, friendly professionals and train them to fulfill clients’ expectations for fast funding and perfect financial reporting.

When you choose to speed up your cash flow by factoring your invoices with Interstate Capital, you will work with experienced factoring specialists who can provide you with the information and services you deserve. While some factoring companies experience constant turnover and must continually hire new, untrained people as your first point of contact, the team members guiding you through the application and underwriting processes at Interstate Capital have an average of more than six years of experience.

That means that Interstate Capital applicants and clients benefit from one of the industry’s leading teams of factoring specialists, all of whom possess an exceptional level of expertise and knowledge. So what other benefits can you expect from our factoring specialists? Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Things You Can Expect from Interstate Capital Factoring Specialists

  1. Honest explanations and clear communication: Find out exactly how factoring works
  2. Transparent information on all fees and costs: No surprise charges or changes
  3. Answers to all your factoring questions: Informed clients make the best clients
  4. Fast approval process: First funding as early as one day after submitting paperwork
  5. One-on-one training on the client portal: Get up to speed fast on easy-to-use website
  6. Same-day funding in most cases: Verified invoices submitted on time are expedited
  7. Availability and rapid responses: Specialists are standing by and return calls quickly
  8. Partnership for improved cash flow: Our factoring specialists are part of your team
  9. Respect for you and your staff: We know our clients work hard and deserve the best
  10. Support for your company to succeed: Your success is our primary goal

When you’re ready to bridge the cash flow gap between completing a job and getting paid for it, work with some of the most experienced factoring specialists in the industry. You can expect Interstate Capital’s professionals to customize a factoring program that will work for you – and you can expect them to deliver outstanding customer service.

It all starts off with a complimentary cash flow consultation.