Can factoring help startup companies?

If you own a staffing business, then you know that the past few years have changed the nature of the temporary employment industry. Your business has to be flexible and you need to be able to give clients the people they need on the terms that work for them.

At Interstate Capital, we partner with staffing companies who hire all types of workers. When you factor your invoices with us, you can ensure that you are able to make payroll each week while keeping a positive cash flow in your business regardless of how long it will be before your clients pay you.

Some of the benefits of choosing our invoice-purchasing services for your staffing business:

  • Keep your workers happy: Temporary workers can become very unhappy, very quickly if you’re late with payments. When you factor your invoices, you are able to make sure that your workers are paid on time, every time. Stay current on your payroll, workers’ compensation, insurance premiums, and 941 tax payments without incurring short-term debt.
  • Keep your clients happy: Factoring services gives you the flexibility to offer more extended terms to potential clients. Instead of being limited to clients who are able to pay right away, with Interstate Capital you have the flexibility to broaden your customer base and bid on jobs that not every staffing company would be able to take.

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