Factoring Company Business Goals

A surprising number of business owners fail to set specific, timely goals that can help them build their businesses. They may have vague, general hopes for their companies, such as they would like to succeed and earn more profit. Yet they find themselves so caught up in the day-to-day routines of putting out fires and dealing with whatever arises at the moment that they don’t set actual goals. Many people want to succeed, but don’t have a concrete game plan for how and when their goals will be achieved.

Big goals are typically accomplished through the achievement of many smaller achievements. Since working capital is essential for so many goals, finding a reliable funding source is a critical first objective. Did you know that you already have access to significant working capital without applying for a bank loan or maxing out your credit cards? Factoring turns the cash that’s stuck in your stack of accounts receivable into money in your pocket – money you can invest in achieving your goals.

Interstate Capital, a leader in invoice factoring since 1993, has helped thousands of companies of all sizes across many industries achieve their goals. Here are a few typical business goals, along with ways that Interstate Capital can help you achieve them:

Take on larger customers, even the ones requiring long payment terms. With Interstate Capital sending you funds right away, you don’t have to wait to get paid, whether the customer pays in 30 days or 90 days.

— Spend more time on hiring and training the right people. When you factor with Interstate Capital, their experts save you time with free collections work, free credit checks to protect you against loss, free financial reporting, and other time-saving services.

Improve your credit score to put you in a better position to negotiate with suppliers. As you receive cash upfront from Interstate Capital, you can pay your bills on time and your credit score will improve. Plus, you can take advantage of early payment discounts and volume discounts from your suppliers.

Increase your profitability with investments in the company. With your debt-free cash infusion from Interstate Capital, you can hire more workers, buy needed equipment, expand inventory, improve sales and marketing strategies, or whatever is needed to grow your business.

Eliminate the stress of paydays. The experts at Interstate Capital understand the challenge of making payroll when your bank account is low. With factoring, you can speed up your cash flow to take away payday worries.

When you’re ready to work toward achieving specific goals to help your company succeed, contact the factoring specialists at Interstate Capital. Click here for the first step: a no-obligation factoring rate quote.

About Interstate Capital

The Interstate Capital Group of Companies operates businesses in the factoring, freight brokerage, freight matching, and payable discounting industries.